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How to perfectly fold a fitted sheet. Yes!

How to fold a fitted sheet + 24 other clever ideas to make life easier! Love the fitted sheet folding. Saw it on Martha awhile back and it has become natural to fold them this way now.

Wash windows...just did this to 3 sliders and the windows look better than they have in a long time. The jet dry made the water sheet right off. Just a few swipes with the squeegee and it was done!

The Magic Way to Clean Your Windows

The Magic Way to Clean Your Windows on the outside! - Best way EVER to clean windows. No drying needed, and you have no spots or streaks on your window! I cleaned 2 full sliding glass doors and 8 large windows in 9 minutes!

How to fold a fitted sheet.  I'm way to old not to have come across this before this year.  This is so much easier than what I've been trying to do.

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet - Easy Video Demonstration

I hate to fold sheets.how to fold a fitted sheet (this blew my mind because it sure isn't the ridiculously hard way my Mom taught me - and so stinkin' obvious when you see the demonstration!) EASY and finally an unwrinkled bottom sheet!

Megasüße DIY Tannenbaum Serviette. Na, dann mal eifrig probieren - Weihachten ist nicht mehr weit!  Quelle: 3c.web.de

Christmas DIY: Christmas Tree Napki Christmas Tree Napkins: Turn a green napkin into a lovely Christmas craft with this linen-folding how-to.

Something I have never been able 2 do in my LIFE!! LOL...How to fold a fitted sheet!

And to think I've gone all my life wondering how to fold fitted sheets neatly! 4 Ways to Fold Bed-sheets

No more ink? - The Meta Picture

No more ink? - The Meta Picture

If you have an Ink Jet and not Laser printer: Ink Cartridge Low? Not true. this totally works, my printer stopped printing, saying there was no ink, I reset the cartridge and then printed 50 more documents and the ink still hasn't run out!

Cleaning schedule... Gonna give it a try!

13 Quick Cleaning Tips: Clean Your House Fast

cleaning schedule by mvaleria - this must be geared towards a stay at home mom, but it's a good idea to focus on 1 room a day.

Must read!

How To Wash & Whiten Yellowed Pillows- HOT HOT HOT water 1 cup of laundry detergent 1 cup powdered dishwasher detergent 1 cup bleach (you could try “A Natural Bleach Alternative if you are opposed to chlorine bleach) cup borax

Best way to pack clothes for a move... still on the hanger, in a garbage bag! #tips

Moving Tips & Tricks To Stay Organized

THE RUBBER BAND IS KEY! To all my friends moving into college. This is how to move your hanging clothes! Put a rubber band around the hangers and put a trash bag over them! A big black trash bag works the best!