• Katie Reed

    Spelling lessons #theoatmeal

  • Tammie Ashmall

    Posting this because although I may not always place prepositional phrases in the correct spot in a sentence, or I might not have PERFECT grammar.... But for the love of God! these are the BASICS that everyone should understand!!!! Stop making those mistakes!!! (I think I'm becoming a grammar nazi...) This is also pretty funny, maybe that will help the ones that don't get it understand.

  • Mary Beth Tankesley

    Spelling lessons. some people REALLY need to pay attention!!

  • Rachael Kauffman

    Some Spelling Lessons by The Oatmeal | Funri. More confusing words. I am the worst speller - the kids are on notice to spell check for me and I reward them when they catch me. Sometimes I do it on purpose to see if anyone is paying attention. im a grammar nazi and i cant spell definatly

  • Tammi Bailey

    Some people need to study this. Some of my pet peeves. good grammar lesson

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