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Modern Greasers Clothes Modern greaser

1950s Rockabilly... suspenders, the dark-wash jeans + tank combo

1950s Americana realness in the daytime. Usually I kind of hate rockabilly style (SORRY 'BOUT IT), but this guy is so authentic it's like some guy working at a garage in 1956 fell into a wrinkle in time and emerged in the present.

The Fashionistofrom The Fashionisto

Paul Boche, Michael Elmquist & Jay Nodland by Jacob Axelman for WWD

50s for men. YES. I love that my man dresses like this!


Retro Biker Portraits : Vin­nie Wool­ston Numero Homme

Retro Biker Portraits - The Vin­nie Wool­ston Numero Hommes Editorial is Rebellious (GALLERY)

♥ This is the kind of man I want. A true greaser with a rockabilly sense of style, a bad boy twist!!! Oh and a decent collection of project cars! ♥


Retro-Modern Menswear Shoots : jon kortajarena gq france

Modern Retro feel - Jon Kortajarena GQ France Editorial