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  • Augusta De.A

    This is really bothers me when people complain about using short hand when texting. Texting is about quick short pieces of information...its immediate...and again its fast. It is not a novel, it is not an english essay where I need to be concerned with grammer and proper punctuation. It is a medium used to communicate a message. If the message is understood then the text was successful. If this is not the way you like to communicate, write a letter.

  • Brayden Zinger

    I'll have to remember this next time someone texts me "K"

  • cat hayhoe

    HAHA! my thoughts exactly when ppl answer with one word texts. (or 1 letter in this case). drives me nuts

  • Jenn Gannon

    people pinning funny stuff today

  • Jazzy Word

    You have to know that i hate HATE it when people reply with just the letter K. I find it super annoying! This is hysterical! I laughed so hard!

  • Kayla H

    I really want to use this next time someone texts me "K"<< YES!! One of my pet peeves is when people just say k. Like seriously? Am I not worth two whole letters?

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