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    MISSOURI ACCENT. AMISH ACCENT (Central Missouri). MIDWESTERN ACCENT. US-MIDWESTERN ACCENT (MISSOURI). VIDEO: Danny Schwarz is a Missouri Amish carpenter (working in coastal Texas) Note Missouri "Pennsylvania Dutch" pronunciation of short e in words like "forever" (flat a, as "feraever"; also heard locally in words like "seven" as "savin."). Voiced th shifted to /d/. [Internal note: (Master's thesis was on MO Amish).] Contributed by dialect coach Paula Carter.

  • Kay Steward

    ▶ Amish Beach Houses - YouTube

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"Lord, I will follow You, but . .." Luke 9:61 When God tells you to do a thing that tests and opposes your common sense, you will come to what He wants, but turn back at the point of testing until you abandon to God by total surrender. Instead, you will say, “Yes, but, if I obey God, what about . . . ?”But If you are going to obey, He demands you risk what you believe by common sense. When you have faith in what He says, you find that He is consistent with common sense.(Oswald Chambers)

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I remember the braids well.......all my friends had braids too!

Amish praying I love this photo I do hate his face is showing as I know they do not like that...I wish the photographer had used respect on that part. I love the simplicity of this photo.

"Amish Boy by Mashuga, via Flickr" Mashuga, why would you steal this poor little boy's soul?

As a kid we would go to Amish country every year. I became friends with a young Amish girl who worked for the motel and in exchange, she was allowed to swim in the pool. Her bathing suit was a dress! It amazed me... She amazed me!