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Ravenous Rabbit Cupcakes > Since KC is coming to visit for Easter.... At least I'll have someone to eat them.

Stewed Rabbit and Biscuits (you can use chicken thighs instead if you haven't yet embraced eating bunny)

Sausage and Egg Sandwich - DAMN this looks good (with or w/o cheese)

italian braised rabbit recipe= Eating this dish will make you taste rabbit in a whole new way. You will realize, perhaps for the first time, that rabbit does not in fact taste like chicken, although it looks like it. Rabbit tastes like rabbit. And this, you will see, is a good thing.

An easy Mexican Chicken Salad recipe that can be customized to your tastes!

Tomato Basil Soup – The Foodee Project going to add fresh dill to this recipe

Bacon Wrapped Lime Chicken – The Foodee Project, no link to actual recipe