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Few true cognates (that I've found, at least), very difficult lexicon and grammar... what could go wrong?

Behold the glorious complexity of Finnish conjugations! Hmm... Maybe, since "koira" is a noun, they are inflections? I'm not sure, but I do know that Finnish is an awesomely complex language and I enjoy learning it.

Finnish logic

Elementary Finnish - languages, endless source of fascination. Re-pinned for you by #Europass #languages #Finnish

Finnish is easy ;-)I think this is only one of hardest words..

Finnish...probably the official language of Hell. Haha. Just kidding. :-)

Road sign: "The Fatty Fish Lakes." Top line is Finnish/bottom line is Sami (Lapland)--the language like no other!

Alles ist relativ... keine Angst vor deutscher Grammatik - es gibt Schlimmeres !

Free tattoo removal #tattoo.... it's not that i dislike all tattoos, i don't... just those adorning the body of my 18 year old son...

pink blouse with cream striped skirt

Well that could be debated. After a few pints or so,would it matter.