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    How to tell the Temperature Anchor Chart

    Measuring Weather Anchor Chart

    Discovery Days and Montessori Moments: Montessori Monday~ Human Body Week 3!

    "Steve Spangler describes the reaction as "this generation's reaction to vinegar and baking soda." The reaction - a giant eruption of soda - is as mysterious as it is sensational. Although the phenomenon of dropping candy and mints into soda to release the carbonation has been around for years, it was Steve Spangler's Mentos geyser video from 2005 that started the chain reaction of flying soda."

    Play Recipe- How to make your own glowing bounce balls

    HOLY MATTER! Folks this file is jammed packed with tons of hands on Matter Science Learning! It is everything you need to teach the 3 states of matter and so much more! This file is a 41 page Matter Unit containing basic exploration experiments and response sheets. This file is aligned with the Common Core Essential Standards below. 2.P.2 Understand properties of solids and liquids and the changes they undergo. $5.99

    Living and Non-Living: A Build-A-Word Science Book for K-1 (The document also includes an additional activity sheet that makes a great formative assessment.) $

    24 Kids’ Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy, Too You can blow up balloons with Pop Rocks because they contain a small amount of pressurized carbon dioxide gas. | 24 Kids’ Science Experiments That Adults Can Enjoy, Too

    Measuring different aspects of the weather is a great way for kids to aquire an interest in weather

    ▶ Living and Nonliving Things - Lesson for kids - YouTube

    What a great way to get children using the language of attributes ... long, prickly, bumpy, smooth, etc.

    KMG-This is a great charting activity with plants and can be used toward the end of the lesson to ensure that the students understand the lesson. The parts of the plant and what the plants give are more complex complex concepts for kindergarten, but it is still okay to introduce and teach it. I just will not require reciprocation of the information in order to achieve mastery.

    "I'm a Little Spider" poem for poetry journal. They can write it and draw a picture of a spider.

    first grade science journal | ... weather science journal and creating our own trees for every season

    All About Earthworms

    Solar System: Rotating and Revolving Teaching Special Thinkers. I would use this to teach the difference between the planets rotating and revolving. After this, I could work my way into the stars and different constellations.

    Moon Phases Anchor Chart

    Science Interactive Notebooks

    How to Make Ice Cream in Freezer Bags by #KIds #Ice_Cream

    Experiencing Matter: 9 Activities for Intermediate Scientists $

    Resourceful Ragland: Our Changing Earth Have students individually create this Anchor Chart

    My Body for 1st through 4th grade

    Here's an outdoor activity where students investigate food chains by assuming the roles of animals that are part of a food chain.

    Growing Hair! i think this is so funny! i want to do it!!

    Science Galore! {and a FREEBIE!}