I would never leave my bed!!

The Superior Comfort Bed Lounger - I want this.... LoL

awesome invention

Perfect for studying, reading, writing or channel surfing in bed.

Total Body Pillow :) Might be a great replacement for my pregnancy pillow, it is starting to get sad

Work comfortably in any position, from sitting to reclining.

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Brookstone Beach Lounger with Speakers and cooler-I would be BEYOND jealous if I saw someone of the beach this prepared!!

could you imagine coming home to this everyday

One of the most recent innovation in bed mattresses is the creation of Mehdi Mojtabvi – The Love Mattress. It is made up of slats that allows the arms and feet to slide over for cuddling. The Best Bed Mattress For Sex

Great Idea!

Of course. Dresser next to a bed! I love this.

When I have kids I will have one of these..... Purely so I can use it! Hahaha so cool!

Coffee Table Fold-Out Bed - guest bedding?

This is sssssooooo awesome

Cheers For Zilborrerstea!

keychain charger. Could be perfect for music festivals, long hikes, or camping. - Adventure Time

bed fan