Nike Tiffany Frees - If I EVER become a "jogger" these are the shoes I want. lol

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Tom's Shoes $16.49- Toms outlet website- is this for realsies??

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Tiffany blue chucks. "Aruba Blue" "Beach Glass" is a bit more green mint as opposed to Tiffany blue. Gorgeous. | re-pinned by

Tiffany Blue Chuck Taylors Find your perfect bling to add to your sneakers at STICKCONS.COM the fun easy & affordable way to customise your converse style kicks!

THEY ARE SO PRETTY and not just because the PTX logo is on them

dark ombre-maybe this winter since I found a great person who does hair? May not be able to pull it off but it might be fun. Neville Noel DO THIS FOR ME

Mint vans shoes...hell yes.

I love these shoes and I love the style. Vans are one of my favorite style and color of shoes. They are very comfortable and worth the money.

'merica vans

Omg love these Vans😍! I love American flag style things, I think they're flag is awesome🇺🇸!

Cuando esté comiendo, es aconsejable dejar descansar los cubiertos cada tres bocados ingeridos. Rompe el ritmo al alimentarse y obliga a comer menos.

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