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  • Sheila Walter

    Shinedown lead vocalist Brent Smith (second from left) says the band has changed its attitude from a few years ago: "It's a business. It's very much about the music and this is a 24/7, 365 days per year, machine. We love our families. We love our girlfriends and our wives. We take really good care of ourselves. We had our day back in the day, but we're very under control. We're older and wiser and think we look better than we did when we were younger. If you hear anything about us out there partying and doing crazy stuff, that's not true."

  • Marisol Pacheco Richardson

    Check out Shinedown's new video for I'll Follow You

  • Kinsey Knaub

    Shinedown, one of the best rock bands I've heard (:

  • Stephanie Hayhurst

    Zach Myers, Brent Smith, Eric Bass and Barry Kerch

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Brent Smith.. He's amazing. I will always love him more than anyone else lmao.... Even M. Shadows.

Shinedown for modern rock they got a nice sound. Any band that draws emotion out of the listener is good in my book

shinedown,if you only knew

Shinedown Fly From the Inside quote

Stop slowing me down, stop holding me up. Quit making a scene, enough's enough. Let's be honest, your promise, was never meant to last. So I'm taking you on, I'm calling you out. There's nothing left for us here now. Let's be honest, I promise, I'm never looking back, for my sake. For my sake.

Brent Smith and Zach Meyers rock my world! @marthajohnson @hollyarnold

Shinedowns Nation: Shinedown's Twitter: @thebrentsmith and Belle at home... Belle "WTF are you lookin at".

Shinedown- most be the SPD in me ;)