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Garden Injuries (Pt. 2 of 2), by Joseph Alton, M.D. "In this issue, we will further discuss various insects and related ne'er-do-wells that can complicate your efforts to establish a successful garden."

Garden Injuries (Pt. 1 of 2), by Joseph Alton, M.D. "Cuts and scrapes are the most likely wounds gardeners incur (hopefully, not on that green thumb of yours). In many cases, these could have been prevented by simply using hand protection."

Caring For Wounds in the Field, by Bill Glade, M.D. "The beautiful remote Canadian lake has provided a bountiful supply of fresh fish. You are cleaning the catch when a moment's inattention allows the knife to slip and create a deep slash into your leg. The bleeding is stopped with pressure; but now what do you do?"

Medical Kits for Self-Reliant Families, by Jackie Clay. "There may be a time, as close as tomorrow, when your loved ones need medication or medical treatment and there is no drug store open or doctor available."

For Health & Comfort, Try Wild Herbal Teas, by Cynthia Andal. "The mention of herbal teas brings to mind pleasant conversations in a warmly scented kitchen, aided by the fragrant steam of a cup of Fireweed tea."

Gather Rose Hips for Health, by Gail Butler. "Vitamin C-rich rose hips can be found in dried form in most health food stores, but why not gather your own?"

Hypothermia: A real winter danger, by Tom and Joanne O'Toole. "Hypothermia is a deadly enemy. It steals body heat and kills more outdoor enthusiasts every year than anything else."

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