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This is my biggest tattoo thus far. I really wanted something pretty with cute birds. It’s meant to remind me that if you want something, go get it. Done by my man Matt Reed at Tigerlily Tattoo in Portland, Or. Everyone says getting your ribs inked hurts, but they were fine. It was my love handles OMG PAIN.

My last name is Oliveira, wich means “olive tree”. So, I decided to make this to show how important my family is to me. The hearts represent my grandfather and grandmother, and I choose to do it on my Achilles tendon, because, as I always say, my family is my weakness. My tattooer is Marco Teixeira from Curitiba/Brazil.

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back. - Arthur Rubinstein

"This was probably the most interesting tattoo I have got, haha. It sounded like a dentist drilling your teeth. Everyone asks if it hurt, not even a little. :) it was the best experience ever." i think i want this... only a purple star but hummmm....

a life without love is no life at all - Ever After ♥ Favorite quote from my favorite movie

"This tattoo came from an idea to create an image to bring together science and nature. The outline is the Mandelbrot Set, discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot in the late 70s, and often considered to be one of the first fractal images ever produced. Inside the Set is the Tree of Life" -- le gasp!!!!!!

getting a tattoo similar to this when im 18, its gonna be smaller, and with the words "tills vi möts igen" written under ; meaning until we meet again in swedish. the tree will be bare, except for one leaf. that leaf will be symbolizing my aunt who died this past summer. RIP Aunty Maryanne

David Hale, I will have be tattooed by you if it's the last thing I do

love this trunk... want more green or all black /white. aubrey by .elsie*cake., via Flickr

I like this idea!! I'm constantly considering getting my malu done, and something like this would be cool on top of the original idea!!