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Using pocket chart to organize math rotations... I'm not sure why I'm attempting to try this with a class size of 34. I think I'm nuts.

Four activities for math guided groups that use the T.I.M.E. acronym-look on tubs for name.

Clutter-Free Classroom: My Math Workshop Rotation Board -Setting Up the Classroom Series

Down Under Teacher: Guided Math T=teacher time I=independent learning of current topic M=math fluency E=essential review of prior topics

These math plans allow for individualized planning for 4 groups, along with anecdotal records of students' behaviors in group. ...

Setting up Guided math. I always wanted to do this just did not have time to figure out how to set it up. I found this very thorough.

Station bins ... Blue for math purple for reading/LA with numbers around the room to match

Don't Get Zapped! LOVE this idea! Labels included. Also multiplication. She used a Parmesan Cheese container. I'd like to make one for division for my 4th graders. Included are facts and then sticks that say "take an extra turn," "take a stick from another player," "trade sticks with another player," and "ZAPPED! Put all sticks back!" Great game for math workshop to practice fast facts.

Guided Math Groups If I ever get around to guided math groups. I am trying to do these once a week this year. Maybe next year I will try two days a week.