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    Inspirations from Math - the information behind the movie

    Snakes the movie

    Inspirations Movie. A view of Escher's workplace...

    The geometry of Fractals brings us a new appreciation for the natural world and the patterns we observe in it. The nautilus is one of the most famous examples of a fractal in nature. The perfect pattern is called a Fibonacci spiral. Approximate fractals are easily found in nature.

    Nature by Numbers. Stills from the movie

    Leonardo's Bridge

    Nature by numbers - the theory behind the movie

    Here's a page on identifying acute and obtuse angles. Add in a protractor and you've got a measurement lesson as well!

    Vi Hart: Mathematical Food

    Trick to multiplication tables 6X6 and above.

    skip counting game - either physical or via app

    How to cover graphing (or other subjects) with multi-age group

    Incorporating math and geography to make maps

    YouTube video - SCRATCH basic info

    FREE computer programming - SCRATCH by MIT

    Geometry Drawing

    Using tesselations

    Play with your food - Sconic Sections by L. Marie, via Flickr

    living books for math

    living math

    the Art of Problem Solving -- Pre-algebra

    Algebra I

    We eagerly embrace all of Life of Fred books - they are FUN and teach at the same time. What could be better?

    Flower of Life - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia --- and other geometric figures (note: read through ahead of time, go through and digest information to share with young ones; sit along-side older ones to discuss potential sensibility issues)