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  • Holly Scherbel

    a clear bathtub? There are so many things to wonder about this, like how would it stay clean? But I like the idea of it, I think.

  • Marshall Pope

    Clear Glass Bathtub! Always one of my favorite bathroom design ideas.

  • Alexa Colquhoun

    Wow this is amazing, a Clear Glass Bath Tub. It's like a mini swimming pool! Is it really bad of me that I'm wondering how you keep it clean though?

  • Ben S

    Clear Glass tiles

  • mel

    Clear Glass Bathtub- Lovely but i bet it would be a pain to clean!

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clear tub - all pretty now but let's take a mental picture of ourselves in the tub shall we? Still like it? Yeah, me neither.

love love love the clawfoot tub with the reclaimed wood beam and rusted stool... and the plant.... and the bath tap! not so much the walls or floors, but hey, can't win em all

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hour glass***Research for possible future project. (yeah - its kind of a stretch for me - but I think is kinda cool...)

i love the idea of this glass bath tub and how cool it looks but i am little afraid of how hard it would be to keep it clean and sparkly everyday

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If not in my future dream home, at least on a vacation somewhere.. please and thank you!