RC Cola and a Moon Pie

"Southern love"

Never underestimate the power of y'all!

Coca Cola in the tall bottles & old crates. Southern tradition

11 Things You Should Never Say to Someone From the South. my least favorite, "Do you all wear shoes?"

Southern for sure!

Art southern sayings - Google Search it-s-a-southern-thang


Well I'll be.....

It's a southern thing

It's a Southern thing.

look at his face. Do you think he wants God banished from America?..God bless him.

1970's ICEE. The place I remember these treats the most is K-Mart, right near the little mini-candystore / Blue-Light square area near the registers up front...

1950's COCA COLA Fountain Soda

It's a southern thing :)

Who remembers these? How times have changed....

How southern ladies cuss you out

Southern Expressions....

ASAP Sticker from Lauren James Co.