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    • Deborah Sebrell

      Fox and Coyote pens in North Carolina! Click through to sign petition to ban them.

    • Elke Schaarmann

      TAKE ACTION! Imagine the pain and suffering of a little red fox or coyote. Help North Carolina wildlife advocates BAN Fox & Coyote Pens! North Carolina is 1 of only 10 states that continue to allow the horrific practice of trapping fox and coyote then releasing them into a fenced area to be mauled by dogs. The fox and coyote are often brutally caught with leg hold traps first & then placed in these pens. and its volunteers are trying to stop this barbarism. PLZ Sign & Share!

    • Jacquline Ard

      Petition | Prohibit Fox & Coyote Pens in NC |

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    Fox and Coyote pens in North Carolina! Click through to sign petition to ban them.

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