More substantial than an arbor but less confining than a gazebo, a pergola may be as simple as an overhead structure attached to the back of your house to cover a deck:

HubbyLove made me a cosy spot in the garden, near all the roses, so I could inhale their beautiful scent and relax and read in the garden............lovely.



Outdoor Living

pergola, fireplace, columns, beautiful

Garden in planters and in pots by the front door.

lovely shade garden, the ferns are beautiful

Aquacorner Raised Bed Soaker Systems (drip irrigation plus raised bed corner in one)

Patio edge plants garden.

Gorgeous climbing roses . Perfect for outdoor sitting area

backyard landscaping ideas | BEFORE: Unkempt Corner AFTER: Beautiful Backdrop | Flower Beds

Pergola ideas

English Garden

Curtains on the a pergola, perfect solution to our sun problem on the back deck!!

Alternatives to trellis on the side of the house - mesh wire with brick clips (so no drilling).

Pick Easy-Growing Plants

Neaten up your soaker hoses - use quick releases for easy winter pickup