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tiny turtle! It's adorable!

The Fiery Sea Slug, Flabellina goddardi, discovered in 2008 by Marine Biologist Jeff Goddard. It lays a lacy egg mass that hatch into tiny babies. The egg mass is formed that way so that each baby receives enough oxygen.

hummingbird #birds

Smallest turtle ever The smallest turtle ever was hatched at Pacific northwest turtle work... this mini musked turtle is about 1.22 grams,the little one is still to be named,its mother is about 3 inches and father measuring 2 inches so small that it can be easily fitted in a bottle cap. – s: Rogers Leckovich Gurdian, Guatemala Acuarium, Ingrid Geier, Sabrina Fahl a Sarah Janine Bölke.

A cat and her kitten snuggling up before bed time. In timeless black and white photography, the image depicts the tenderness of a mother's love beautifully as her cute little kitten buries its head in her mothers arms. Fiercely protective of her child the mother has an intense look in her eyes that warns you not to come too close in this moment of affection. By Keith Kimberlin

Two baby platypuses wearing fedoras