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Beach vacation craft - plan to use sand from the beach, shells the kids found. Doing this we have sand & shells from Florida!

20 Cool DIY Mason Jar Ideas | DIY and Crafts

Vacation Memory Jars from Martha Stewart Put items in a large jar or vase such as shells or rocks found on a nature walk. Throw a few pictures in from your trip and you have a vacation memory jar.

These nine tips and tricks will make your next day at the beach a total breeze.

15 Hacks That Will Change Your Next Beach Trip

Don’t let the risk of sunburns and sand-covered tots stop you from hitting the beach as a family this summer. There’s nothing a little shade, SPF and genius beach hacks can’t fix. Read on to learn how to make beachin’ with your baby a.

20 beach inspired crafts that can help bring you back to the beach. #19 is my favorite!

20 Beach Inspired Crafts

MANZANITA OREGON IN A JAR! Blue mason jars filled with REAL local sand and a few REAL local sea pieces -shells and rocks- then topped with a cap. (Even get a small vial to seal sea water inside and drop inside).

Fill a mason jar with sand (or dirt) of the places you travel and label them until its filled! Cute little #DIY home decor.

Vacation Keepsake DIY Idea: Collect sand from different beaches to fill a jar. Label each with place and time. cool Idea if I ever get a real vacation .

Movie and Concert Memory Jar. Who went could sign the stub. Going to start doing this.

Start a ticket memory jar. Play tickets, movie stubs, hotel key cards, and concert tickets. Each is a memory and represents your life's journeys. Love this simple idea. Note the rusty lid // OR put in the jar with your year memories that you write down

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Fun and easy craft idea: Package up souvenirs from your vacation and turn them into memory-filled mason jars. turn into "favorite things" jar

Beach In A Jar – small | Driftwood Dreaming

Add kids picture instead.Beach in a jar. Fun way to display your vacation treasures. Collect sand/shells from your favorite beaches.