monroe & miller

¥THE LITTLE THINGS.The part after dinner when you have no place to go and nothing to do, when you just enjoy each others company, is the defining moment. - Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller, Beverly Hills, California 1960

Arthur Miller dancing w Marilyn Monroe; must have been East Coast Swing, given his posture.  And Marilyn isn't comfortable; her shoulders are up & she's looking at his feet.... interesting!!

Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller dancing on The Misfits set (by Eve Arnold)

Marilyn Monroe

Marylin Monroe, maybe from "The Misfits" her last movie. It was Clark Gable's last movie, too.

Don Murray and Marilyn Monroe on the set of Bus Stop c.1956

The stars of Bus Stop, Don Murray and Marilyn Monroe, enjoy each other's company. This is one of my FAVORITE movies : )

Simone Signoret, Yves Montand, Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller. #HANGOUT

Yves Montand watching Marilyn Monroe who’s watching Arthur Miller who’s watching Simone Signoret who’s watching Yves Montand.let's open another bottle of wine!

Marilyn. Black cape sitting. Photo by Milton Greene, 1955.

Marilyn. Black cape sitting. Photo by Milton Greene, 1955.

Marilyn Monroe in striped slacks (please follow minkshmink on pinterest)

Marilyn Monroe, still one of the most lovely women to grace the silver screen.

"She was a poet on a street corner trying to recite to a crowd pulling at her clothes." -Arthur Miller


Marilyn Monroe kept all the letters playwright Arthur Miller ever sent her.

Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe at the opening of How to Marry a Millionaire, 1953

marilyn monroe & lauren bacall at the premiere for ‘how to marry a millionaire', 1953