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The absolutely scariest lightning and thunder i have ever been through, although it's magnificent, you will crawl under the bed and cover your ears during it !

Lightning hits a tree. See the streamer on the left coming up from a pole. It is not connected to the main leading channel.

Lightning striking the sea. I used to watch nightly thunderstorms over the Atlantic when I lived at Cape May.

Lightning. Giant bolts of electricity coming down from the sky to ruin the fuck out of your day! - j

oh, my! Look at the lightning at the bottom!

lightning strike whew! Strike while the Iron is Hot,

stars - √ moonbow - √ lightning - √ one o'clock in the morning - √

DSC_6673 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A single lightning bolt climbs the ash cloud of erupting Grímsvötn volcano, Iceland seen from nearby Vatnajökull, on May 22, 2011.