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  • Cheryl Toomey

    Moriarity will skin you and make you into shoes, Edward Cullen! Sparkly shoes. #twilight #sherlock

  • Loki Laufeyson

    I kinda feel bad for the Twilight Fandom. But this is hilarious.

  • Karen Musgrove

    The person who made this is my hero. :: even better because Benedict really does have glitter shoes!!!

  • Sarah Baum

    The person who made this is my hero. HAHA ____ Everything about this post is perfect. Sorry friends who like Twilight. :D

  • Kelly Walsh

    I will skin you and make you into shoes. Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty, Twilight

  • Tina Blankinship

    HAHAHA. Sherlock's Jim Moriarty threatens Twilight's Edward Cullen

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This is too funny.... Sherlock kitties…

o my gosh. O MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Our fandom is going crazy. He ate a cumber cookie! At least it's not a cumber batch! Lol

Sorry people, but that is definitely a screenshot from Scandal in Belgravia that you are debating. His eyes are actually saying, "RUN." Do your research.

This just gives me so, so much life.

30 Day Sherlock Challenge - Day 7: A Picture that Makes You =D... This is way funnier than it should be.

Sherlock... "corrrrpses!" This fanart pieces completely killed the scene for me. Each time I see it, I cannot keep from laughing.

My mind is officially blown… add to that when re-quoted by Benedict as Sherlock, he goes on to be Kahn in the sequel of the movie he's quoting... wow.

This is so cute! And I'm watching this episode which makes it even better!

been trying to make this joke for ages! SherKhan - bwaaaaahahaha!!!!