Excellent art project - quick, simple, visually impressive

Mrs. Artwork - glimpses of my art education: Op Art - Part 1: Cones

color tornado op art

Op art in complementary colors

I love this version!

art lesson

could so use this artists work as a starting point for a art lesson!!

I like these directions best. This looks easier than what I have done. May have to try this!

Op Art

tints and shades?

the cute art project ann showed me...save for next year

"We drew the outline of a hand, very lightly in pencil, and then began drawing lines freehand across the paper. When part of the hand was in the way of the straight line, each artist had to "crawl over" their finger or hand with curves and arcs. The optical illusion became very obvious if the lines were close together and the curves fairly strong.

Op art hands using complementary colors

Art Projects for Kids: Leaves with Lines

I found this easy but very cool project on a wonderful blog called "TeachKidsArt". It was a very do-able project for my participants and they loved the 3-D results. A different spin on a Valentine's Day art project.

Line, Color, Movement

Geometric Art for Kids - Love the look of this! Ideas for art projects with shapes, and the post also includes 3 printable coloring pages.

How to draw a rooster head. Art Projects for Kids

The best elementary school art blog I have ever seen. Lesson plans for k through 5th grade.

Line lesson

6th Grade-Op Art