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Pure Michigan

Michigander Map- this is so true.im from Michigan!

You Know You're From Michigan When...


You Know You're From Michigan When.I'm still gonna call it Beaners

I'm don't live in Michigan anymore but my friends pronounce Vernor's wrong and it drives me nuts!

It's like Veritaserum to find the true Michiganders, yes.

Yeah. It's always a challenge to find a parking spot at work in the winter.

Winter in Michigan. When parking lot lines don't matter. So true! Parking lot lines - we don't need no stinkin' parking lot lines!

♥ Michigan...Haha, not really but it's kinda funny!

This is hilarious, and pretty much describes what the heat in Arizona (yes, I've lived there) feels like to a native Yooper.

The Michigan Accent & Michiganders' Slang Words- A good general guide although we don't all sound like a Canadian hick!

The Michigan Accent & Slang Words

The Michigan Accent & Michiganders' Slang Words. I hadn't realized what a strong Michigan accent I have until I saw the pronunciations written out, such as,