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    Seriously, it will!

    So true! Even when we can't understand why, we have to remember that God protects us and knows things we don't. Thank you, Lord, for protecting my family!

    It's Monday. You could use a little motivation. #allvolleyball #Wherethegamebegins

    I sometimes don't understand me but it's ok .. I can spend the rest of my life figuring me out! I love ME!

    Truth get more only on freefacebookcover...

    GPS-Grace Power Strength: Divorced? For The Single Man or Woman: My Hope For You

    Stop being with the people who don’t need you

    always need Him

    Don't worry!

    It's hard at times to be the mature one when they're calling you things out of anger and it's hard not say something back. But I've done this many many times trying to understand why they're upset..but the thing was, they didn't understand me and went ahead and made assumptions instead :/

    When people ask how I stay happy all of the time, it's not because my life has been perfect. It is because I forgive and choose to be happy :) and of course thank God ♥

    Inspirational Handpainted quote canvas! on Etsy, $25.00

    I know when to stop. I know when to let things go. I know when to move on. But 'I know' is different from 'I can'.

    When you take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, you get your power back

    When “I” is replaced with “WE” even illness becomes wellness

    Yes to this. Close doors that no longer lead somewhere. quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.


    It doesn't always make sense... but it does happen. 'n Sometimes they'll still break your heart... but we have to have hope that they won't...


    This has happened to me. They showed me and told me about so much in life, helped me with my problems and now.........Their gone. I haven't seen,heard their voice.

    I'm easing closer and closer to that limit as time goes on. Will I eventually say enough is enough? I don't want to but sometimes people give you no other choice and that's their problem.

    Love this

    almost always