Stacked stone bird baths with galvanized trash can lid saucers ~ Use what you have! (Garden of Len & Barb Rosen) Click through to see more pictures!

Apple Cider Vinegar 1 capful to keep bird bath clean and reduce algae growth. Also provides vitamins & minerals to birds!

Tomato Cage Bird Bath -- and other great ideas that are for the birds! ;D

Several bags of dollar store glass stones + a dollar store bird figurine = adorable birdbath. The blue stones look great even when the water dries up. 2014 L.Stowe

Repurposed Rake Head becomes a bird feeder (Garden of Len & Barb Rosen)

Dave Davies_Flower Stepping Stones

(5) Hometalk :: It's All About The Birds!(Birdhouses, Baths and Feeders in Our Garden)

Create a bird bath or feeder with bricks you might have laying around from other home projects or pick them up at a home improvement store for cheap... Just stack them up and lay a piece of wood on top and then lay a saucer on top. There you have a nice bird feeder to enjoy bird watching. Fill up with either water or bird seed.

Birdhouse village garden arbor! I have several bird houses and I think this idea is just so "Tweet". It would look great as the entrance to my small wooded area.

DIY Project : Stacked Stone Bird Baths

I really wanted to have a bird bath in our yard, but every time I found one that I liked it was so expensive. I decided to try and make my own using stacked flower pots and saucers.

Thrift store candlestick, plus a pot lid=DIY birdbath

DIY Garden Decoration Projects - Make your Own Garden Art

Making Fairies from natural materials via for @Tammy Hanger

chippy white doors to make a painted chair.....a place to

For the birds

40 upcycled garden ornaments.

Old Teacup & into a sweet birdfeeder & hung from a shepherd's hook!

Whimsical bird house creation #vintage, #birdhouse, #rusty, #scrap metal

save those galvanized buckets...