Baby shower game...Who's Watching the Baby? When guests arrived, they were given a small baby doll. They were told that they could either hold on to it, put it down, or pass it on to someone else. Any babies put down could be scooped up by other guests. Guest with the most babies wins.

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My Water Broke - Baby Shower Game - 16 Babies Per Tray

Baby Shower punch for Baby Boy baby, could do pink lemonade for a girl. Or both for gender reveal!

Love this idea for a baby shower and thought you would to! Ask guests to write on diapers when they walk in and save to give to the mum to be so that each time she changes a nappy she gets a little giggle or some words of wisdom :) sorry I don't have the link for this as it was found floating round on facebook. If anyone knows the owner, please contact me so I can credit them!

Top 20 Best Baby Shower Games

Sarcasm 101: The Rubyspikes Guide to Hosting a Baby Shower That Doesn't Suck

BABY SHOWER GAMES -The Price is Right - Baby Edition, Have each guest guess the $$$ amount for each item.. whoever is the closest wins a prize...

BABY SHOWER: Each guests brings a onesie (that describes herself) and the mom has to guess who it is from. Cute game that's not lame!

Too Cute for a Baby Shower

Have guests write an encouraging/funny message on a diaper at baby shower for mom to read when she changes the little one. This is a great idea!!

Not so lame baby shower game-ABC book

Someday when my best friend gets all pregantized, I am coming back to this "guide to hosting a baby shower that doesn't suck".

Use a children's book as a guest book for a baby shower! (Classic Pooh For Me!)

Baby shower...Just color with a Sharpie!

Awesome Baby Shower Games - Events To Celebrate

Baby Pacifier Necklace for the GAME <3 Each guest gets a pacifier necklace. Whoever hears another say "BABY," gets to take her necklace. At the end of the party whoever has the most necklaces gets a prize.

Baby Shower Game * Wrap a box up and have a hole in one end, fill it with baby items, I put 14 items in it, the guests then have a min. to feel around in the box, and write cown thier guess. The baby momma then gets to open it and see who had the most correct. the guest gets a door prize and the baby momma gets the items.

Baby Shower Game: Guess Who Did It. All the guests get a list of things that the mom and dad to be did in their first few years of life. They have to guess who did what. Would be cute to add the older sibling(s) in there as well!

love this idea for a baby shower gift