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Hairy Bittercress « Little House in the Suburbs - edible "weed"

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Great write up about foraging for edible weeds in your own backyard

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Manganese Sodium

Potassium Phosphorus

Zinc Manganese

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Chickweed, edible weed

Just Plain Livingfrom Just Plain Living

15 Delicious Edible Weeds That Grow Practically Everywhere

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15 edible weeds

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Sergei Boutenko

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Wild edibles videos. Good to know! Most of the weeds growing in my garden are edible. I've watched other utube videos by this guy and value his info.

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Edible weeds and plant literacy |Our Heritage of Health

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Officinalis Flickr

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Borage also known as "Starflower" is one of the edible plants in the garden!

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Edible weed: broadleaf plantain Find out which edible weeds grow in your area.

Grow Forage Cook Fermentfrom Grow Forage Cook Ferment

How to Grow and Use Calendula

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Learn all about this amazing edible, medicinal, and beautiful herb!

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Mallows - A nutritious edible weed

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Purslane - A nutritious edible weed

The Kitchnfrom The Kitchn

Edible Weeds: Ground Ivy

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Shepherd's Purse, edible weed.