REAL - Piebald Moose (also referred to as Pinto Moose) - The link includes these images and the following claim by "breaks hunter". I got these pics in an email from my uncle today. Pretty cool coloration. It said they were taken in Fahler, Alberta, Canada (Not Anchorage, Alaska) Usually only the second image is pinned or posted.

White moose in Canada. You can see how there are many different shades and varieties of leaucism

Picture of the Day: Water Cascading from a Moose’s Antlers

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~~Each September, the wood frogs of Alaska do a very strange thing: They freeze.They do not freeze totally solid, but they do freeze mostly solid for seven months, then they thaw and hop away | LA Times~~

Very pretty Serval


whitetail deer images | whitetail deer graphics and comments

♥ This Beautiful Animal

A baby porcupine, near Seward, Alaska.

Two Bull Moose with their amazing reflections!!!!! I love moose :) Wyatt has pjs with moose on them, love.

Piebald fawn

Photo of Large bull moose jumping white picket fence in Anchorage, Alaska in Autumn.

Bald Eagle, in Flight, Alaska. [we saw dozens on the Coast between Anchorage & Seward.] Inspiring

Pinto Horse


Bull moose smelling the air

2 Moose in foggy lake autumn

=) Moose!