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I ain't saying she a gold digger. And the dude who wrote the song about gold diggers hooked up with the ultimate gold digger lol

A size 12 in the '50s was probably like a size 4 or 6 today though (notice her weight is listed as 118).  Yet, people love spreading this false piece of info.

Ain't no way in hell a girl of and 118 lbs is gonna be THAT thick. Marilyn's weight was 118 at its smallest. 140 was her weight whenever you see her super curvy.

Dear Sweatpants & Hoodies...

Funny pictures about Dear sweatpants and hoodies. Oh, and cool pics about Dear sweatpants and hoodies. Also, Dear sweatpants and hoodies.

This is so true, it's scary...right  mom?? Too many AWESOME conversations, you mean.

I wanted to show you how I have already lost 24 pounds from a new natural weight loss product and want others to benefit aswell. - Snob doesn't look good on you, it's actually quite ugly and makes you look constipated.

Good one!!

Free, Breakup Ecard: Nothing is better than seeing your ex with someone uglier than you!

Too funny, I laughed so hard.  Hope that never happens to me

I can't believe that cop put me in the backseat when I clearly called shotgun. I think this is funny I think it says something about my sense of humor.