Great Britain. с. 1740

Beautiful rosey damask dress. Look at that amazing pleating! from At the Sign of the Golden Scissors

From Hallie Larkin's At the Sign of the Golden Scissor blog: 1770s/80s styling of the closed front gown. 1740s fabric.

Dazzling Damask | At the Sign of the Golden Scissors

Back, Red damask silk gown, c. 1775, from fabric designed by Anna Maria Garthwaite, 1751. From the collection of the museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Great Britain. с. 1740

Great Britain. с. 1740

Detail back view, robe à la Polonaise, France, 1774-1793. Green silk brocaded with floral motifs.

Beautiful brocade mantua - English c1730-40 Tredgar House

Pink silk brocade robe a la Francaise (1770-1780) ~ from Tasha Tudor Historic Costume Collection (New Hope, PA)

robe à la française, c.1750-1790, silk and lace, Europe, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. More info:

18th Century Scottish clothing, man's red tartan kilt & jacket

Robe a l'Anglaise, 1780

18th Century French Robe in Pale Pink and Floral Striped Silk, French 1750-1799 Museum deaccessioned from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Lovely stripped silk robe in pale pink with self fabric covered buttons at the collar. Beautiful lace up front with boned interior (three bones remaining).

Silk caraco jacket, 1770s Britain

Robe à l’anglaise England 1775 The fabric is earlier - they date it to Spitalfields (center of silk production in England), 1751. I wonder if the gown was remade in the 70s to a more up-to-date style

Detail of woman's mantua, stomacher and petticoat, Italy, ca. 1700; Gold and silver metallic thread embroidery on silk satin -- LACMA Collections Online [2nd of two pins]

Shoe-Icons / Clothes / Dress a l'anglais made of blue silk damask with flowery pattern. Great Britain - 1745 - 1750

Gown, 1775-1780; Silk, Spitalfields, 1740; England, Silk damask, linen lining. © 2013 The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

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Circa 1740-1750