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以色列設計師Hilla Shamia 把熔化的鋁澆鑄到木頭上,液態鋁將部分木頭燒焦,然後與其融合,做成十份具有創意性的桌子和凳子。 —Howork Design Studio 好沃克設計工作室

Inside Sunnylands, the Annenbergs' A. Quincy Jones-Designed Camp David West

What happens when Lambeau Field needs help clearing the snow? The volunteers show up!

I was at bottom emotionally but was lucky to have the faith in WHO i really was inside! and Pick myself up with help

Johan Braakensiek (nomen is omen for caracature artist) Created this pen and ink plus watercolor painting of the inauguration of Princess Wilhelmina as Queen of the Netherlands in 1898, the year my father was born. Holding her hand her forebear Prince of Orange, crowing her Minerva, the Goddess of Learning and the Arts. The Queen enjoyed drawing and painting herself.

An second-hand store around the corner from my house had an old Eames in it. It needed a bit of work but there was no price on it so I asked the old lady how much she'd sell it for. She laughed and said she'd never sell it because she loved it so much.