HOW TO cut one long strand of yarn out of a t-shirt - recycling at its finest

cutting tee shirt yarn

How To Make T-shirt Yarn - a Continous Strand

T-shirt rug!

Knit Pillows: use t shirt yarn and crochet something chunky, then back it and fill! Could be awesome!

You don't have to be a spinner to make your own yarn! Cutting old tees into strips yields a super-bulky string that makes gorgeous rag rugs... SO CUTE for memory rugs! Going to start now for each of the kids and keep adding as they grow out of or ruin their shirts. Fun rug to go with the personalized favorite recipe books I am making them.

Yarn bowl from a lidless tea pot...

How to ruche

How To Cut Continuous Line of old T-Shirts for Yarn to Weave or Crochet tshirtyarn_making4

How to Knit Loopy Stitch. The easy way!

free tutorial that is so easy to follow to cut yarn from t-shirts all in one long strip, no knotting it together. this also works with plarn! Thank you Launi!

Crocheting 2 rows at at time. I was called a witch because I do this for blankets and long scarves!! Photo tutorial on my blog. Crochet Rox

yarn bomb. Only attractive chain link fence I've ever seen! If you are stuck with having to have a chain link fence, at least there's something you can do with it....

15 Minute T-Shirt Yarn Infinity Scarf. | This is one of those rare projects that really only takes 15 minutes. On your first try! This entertaining video tutorial will walk you through every fun step in the process. So, grab an old t-shirt from the closet and prepare to transform it into a chic infinity scarf!

T-shirt yarn clutch

This is an awesome way to make yarn from plastics bags. I've tried it before, but never cut up the bag the right way. Can't wait to have time to try it!

How to Make Continuous T-Shirt Yarn {Video} T-shirt yarn, also known as “tarn”, is a great eco-friendly product that is perfect for lots of DIY craft projects including rag rugs, scarves, or fun woven bracelets.

Rag Rug - My grandma showed me how to do this, but it's been so long ago I forgot how, so this tutorial helped me remember.

Tutorial on how to make paper mache hearts. Looks easy and fun!!

How-To: Crochet or Knit Grass Rug Our friends over at Lion Brand Yarn have posted a fun new project that's great for spring and summer knitting and crochet. The pattern for this grass rug comes in knit and crochet, so pick your yarn craft of choice and whip one up this week!

HOW TO make a macrame t-shirt throw | Relevé Design