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If people could hear the five seconds after we hit end call, we would all have no friends.

I strongly believe I would be a much better individual if I were constantly, slightly drunk.

Truer words were never spoken. by GreenEyedGypsy

Sarcasm! When I have that half smile and seem to be laughing for no reason this is why :-)

ha, never noticed this!...ppl that are into yoga/ meditation can find this (a little) funny like i did

I believe that 2% is a very conservative estimate for me given how often I walk into things and how easily I bruise...

~ I hate that moment when you're tired and sleepy but as soon as you go to bed, your body is like, ' Just Kidding.'

Apparently I'm supposed to be more concerned about what Mitt Romney does with his money than with what Obama does with mine.

Would have been a better post if it was "difference" instead of "different", but the general idea is spot on!

Was there even photography back when Abe was alive? Like... This quote shouldn't even exist should it?