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Deadly Elegance - Artist Luke Jerram created a glass sculpture of the swine flu virus while suffering from swine flu.

Deadly Viruses, the perfect parasites #infographic

World’s Largest Virus Discovered By French Researchers. Once thought to be tiny and containing only a handful of genes, viruses have been redefined over the past decade by the discoveries of specimens the size of bacteria that contain 1,000 genes or more. According to a newly published report in the journal Science, French researchers have discovered a virus 1,000 times larger than the flu virus and which has almost 2,600 genes – the biggest virus known to date.

One of the many excellent wax anatomical sculptures found at La Specola, in Italy. The museum was inaugurated in 1775, and until the early-mid 19th century, it was the only scientific museum open to the public. The wax models of both human and animal anatomy from the 18th century.


103,987 toothpicks later…

Toothpick Sculpture (103,987 toothpicks used) San Francisco man Scott Francis Weaver crafted this toothpick sculpture over the course of thirty-six (36) years, autobiographically constructing some of his greatest life moments and the details of his travels. All told, he used 103,987 toothpicks, standing nine feet tall, eight feet wide, and two and a half feet deep and spent over three thousand nineteen (3,019) hours or 126 days working on the project.

ArchDailyfrom ArchDaily

Green Void / LAVA

‘Green Void’ is a 20 metre-high fabric sculpture in the centre of the heritage building. Inspired by the relationship between man, nature and technology, the digital design takes up 3000 cubic metres with a surface area of just 300 square metres and made from only 40 kg of tensioned Lycra material. Carefully placed coloured lighting gives further dimension to the huge green sculpture.