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‘78 Kawasaki KZ650 – Clockwork Motorcycles

‘78 Kawasaki KZ650 – Clockwork Motorcycles. With the corporate dollars rolling in, the celebrities coming on board and a global fascination with the custom motorcycle culture there has never been a better time to be a bike builder. But for any movement to survive, its indigenous roots must be well fed with a continuous supply of what sprouted that seed in the first place; and nothing...


Yamaha MT ‘Super7’ – JvB-moto

Yamaha MT ‘Super7’ – JvB-moto. Can you have it all? It's an age-old question and a truly illustrative answer will depend on the unique requirements of each of the seven odd billion individuals who call the planet Earth home. But this isn't the place for such an esoteric conversation, this is where we come to admire motorcycles and in that particular sphere, Cologne-based JvB-moto has...