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babies so tiny!

Snuggle Bunnies, reminds me of what my baby bunnies always used to do


This is just TOO cute!<<< just saying, if you want a laugh, look up "bunny tongues" I laughed for a solid 20 min looking at all the pictures!

Happiness is a basket of baby bunnies. (12/04/17)

Happiness is a basket of baby bunnies. (12/04/17)

awwww, looks like my bunny when she was a baby. :) I miss those days.

We all want our favourite bunny to live as long as possible, This lense looks at the factors affecting a rabbits life span Rabbit life span is a lense about caring for you're rabbit for the longest life possible. Although there are a few factors to.

OK, I don't normally repin cute animal pics but this might be the cutest creature that has ever existed.

This is the cutest bunny rabbit I've ever seen. I just want to squeeze it to death it's so cute!

Bunny - cool picture

I like looking at this baby bunny almost as much as I like looking at Timothy Olyphant in Animals baby Animals