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sleeping basset hound..darling! I wonder if Vinny looked just like that...

This could also go in the furry friends category because it's a bunch of pictures of bassets running. It is SOOO funny!

Zorro, what's with the long face buddy... Do you have your first 500 Twitter Followers? Check this out to know how… Please Repin this blog post and help others

A Lazy Basset Hound....Isn't this just the cutest thing you have ever seen. LOL I love Bassets!

a BASSET HOUND!!!!!!!!! AAHHH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!! Just look at that face!!!! Still need to get my second one!!

basset hound must be very comfortable to sllep so soundly..I wish that sleep 4 all doggies in shelters and can be so noisey likein a prison..these angels do not deserve this life pleae rescue or do not surrender ask 4 help

This photo says it all ♥. Linda Bauwin - CARD-ilogist Helping you create cards form the heart.