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    The Ultimate 3rd Eye Activation Special - MMM Mantra - Tanzanite - 288Hz - Message to Dr. Pillai

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    • Natalie Hahn

      The Ultimate 3rd Eye Activation Special - MMM Mantra - Tanzanite - 288Hz - Message to Dr. Pillai

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    Have you ever wondered what your pineal gland is and why we have it? This video is perfect for you. Justin Verrengia instructs you on how to activate your pineal gland and awaken your third eye and tap into some extra sensory powers you may not have known you had. Be sure to share this …

    om mani padme hum

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    Eternal Om (full).....A sound video of the Om vibration and several people chanting it. It is wonderful to listen to if you want to raise your vibration.

    7 ways to balance your third eye chakra

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    "let go of the regrets of the past as well as anxieties about the future" -- Mindfulness, body scan and mantra meditation techniques #Meditation #Mindfulness #HealthyBody #HealthyMind #HealthyLifestyle

    DEEP MEDITATION MUSIC | Expand Your Consciousness !!! Note to self check out other music, chants and mantras on this you tube chanel.

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    If someone told you that you could heal yourself and the world with the information on this video concerning water would it be worth your while to watch? The first 15 minutes of this shows you what I mean. 2nd part is about a Plieadian message, family of light mission, and the 3rd is about unity consciousness & power of group meditation. This is such powerful information. Love and Light

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    The first 7 levels of the human energy field, from the book Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan

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    "Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence." ~Barbara Marciniak

    “The feminine energy is enormously powerful, and we would not be here without its presence. Yet for so long, the power of the feminine has been feared and suppressed within the psyche and attitude on Earth. The feminine represents the felt and unseen. The feminine power is nurture, creativity, intuition, and heart-centred living and loving.

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