Robin Hood Cape. Isn't it dashing?!

Robin Hood Costume - Toddler Size. High quality hooded suede cloth cloak and matching hat. Fits most children ages 1-3. Made in USA. From Bella Luna Toys.

Robin Hood Party

Robin Hood Hat - Forest Green with Red Feather

Robin Hood

Woodsman's Hat from Bella Luna Toys. Suede cloth and wool-blend felt with a real ostrich feather! $22.50

Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood Capes.

Kids DIY Robin Hood costume

Hooded cape pattern

Robin Hood Hat

Little Red Riding Hood Costume with hooded Cape

Princess capes

Hooded Cape in Satin with Rose Embellishments - Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Robin costume!

Goblets- robin hood party

Paper Robin Hood Hat

Little girls little Red Riding Hood Costume Cape and Princess Peasant by EllaDynae, on etsy

London Hood - tutorial to make authentic medieval hood. This hood could work with the cape I want to make. Or... I could maybe make a hoodless cape plus a hood with its own mini cape as a separate item...documentation? Year?

DIY Robin Hood costume - because when I needed to find how to make that hat (decades ago!) I couldn't work it out!

Audrey Hepburn for halloween. LOVE this!!! - That is so cute Staci!

Cute Robin Hood Halloween Costume Childs 2/4 by fwcreations4All, $37.99