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    Early childhood is not the time for formal academic instruction.

    Storytelling: The Heart of Waldorf Education

    There are two ways to share knowledge. You can PUSH information out, or you can PULL them in with a story.

    Forest Kindergarten – A better way to teach our young children? great article about a school in the USA

    Rhythm of the Week

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    Choleric: Element of Fire • Stocky in build, healthy, “can do” attitude • High energy, take-charge type • Often enjoys good health • Wants to get the job done • Self starter, does not always understand why others cannot keep up • Strong will forces, a “go-to” type of person • A leader • Can be a know-it-all and a bully • In danger of having a fiery temper

    Element of Earth • Sensitive, lack of vitality, can be sickly • Good caregiver, has sympathy for other’s pain • Likes to discuss every aspect of a topic • Tends to feel everything personally, difficult to forget • “Glass half empty” negativity, often feels overwhelmed • Problems can seem bigger than they really are. 16 • Thoughtful, thinks before acting • In danger of always being negative and too self-absorbed

    Phlegmatic: Element of Water Not easily ruffled Consistent, staying-power type Good at maintaining the well-being of the entire family through daily rituals and routines, nurturing through food and festivals Slow to act and to react Thorough, and once motivated, has sustaining forces Does not overreact to events Routine and rhythm of daily life is very important; not always good at cleaning up and clutter (It takes effort to throw things out!) • Long memory • Can become choleric

    miniPERSONALITYtheories test Sanguine: Element of Air • Quick to react • Spontaneous, live-in-the-moment type • Sympathetic, sunny disposition • Creative, sensitive • Very social, “life of the party,” often the creator of the party • “Glass half full” positivity • Tends to be inconsistent and disorganized • Difficult to keep routines or be on time • Often does not follow though • Very sympathetic, quick to anger, quick to forget • In danger of not finishing any project

    A Steiner education

    Whidbey Island Waldorf School - About Waldorf Education

    Waldorf (Steiner) - How Reading is Taught in a Waldorf School

    Thank you Marin Waldorf School for this beautiful video. It perfectly captures what Waldorf education is all about - educating the whole child to freedom. Who wouldn't want this for their child?

    Rudolf Steiner, founder of anthroposophy and Waldorf education

    Grimm's Illustrated Number Cards, Supplementary Set brings joy and imagination to learning arithmetic!

    How to Use Waldorf Modeling Beeswax - A Video Tutorial with Sarah Baldwin

    Back-to-School Children's Lunch Basket with hinged wooden lid. Sturdy and strong with washable liner. Made in USA. The perfect lunch box for Waldorf kids! $34.95

    Old Freedom Train: A Waldorf Inspired Alphabet. Offers inspiration to Waldorf teachers and homeschoolers who are introducing letters of the alphabet. The hand-drawn illustrations and accompanying verses will delight children! $24.95

    Teen Internet Addiction Infographic

    Waldorf ~ 4th grade ~ Human & Animal ~ Bees ~ chalkboard drawing

    Waldorf (Steiner) - How Reading is Taught in a Waldorf School

    Waldorf ~ 6th grade ~ Geometry ~ Concentric Circles ~ chalkboard drawing

    How to Clean Beeswax Crayons

    Waldorf ~ 2nd grade ~ Math ~ Facts ~ Multiplication Wheel