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40 Things We Love About Waldorf Education | Cincinnati Waldorf School

The importance of snack in early childhood

"Poetry" Things We Love About Waldorf Education

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Love this! Meet the teacher night

Open House before first day of school Tour. Parents can follow the signs and do everything you need them to do before the first day of school. Ends with a little gift for the student and the parent to welcome them into the class.

Waldorf Curriculum chart by grades, SMSE SuperMom Seal of Excellence 2013

Art Styles/ Techniques - "Watercolour painting" Things We Love About Waldorf Education

Facebook door- have a laminated strip for every child and they get time to update status about something they learned, liked or happened during school that day! Gets them writing and ties in something they're probably already interested in! Love it!!!! LOVE this idea!!!

lots of websites!

The Big, Bad Middle School Classical Literature List - 100 Classics - Grades 5-8 or Ages 9-14+

When my high school students ask a question no one in the class knows (including myself), they can put it up on the Google Board. Students can bring back a written answer to one of the questions of their choice each week for extra credit, or whatever incentive you choose. They get really excited when a question comes up that they can put on the board and find out the answer to later...

Boxed Children's Books - Books by the Foot. Incredible site. Book boxes are only $19.99!!! Such a great way to build a library for home or school.

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free preschool and kinder units

Alternatives to Homework/Worksheets.

Birthday Celebrration

Myth Busting: How Reading is Taught in a Waldorf School