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Waldorf playstand canopy

It’s kind of a Tent but not a Cabana, It’s a Tentana! A fabulous canopy for the Waldorf play stand. Or use the Tentana above the bed! * Sheer fabric water color pattern with embroidery * Adjustable height * Total height from hanging loop till bottom about 3m/9.7ft * Width side parts 110cm/ 43" * Wooden ring on inside If you have a certain theme in mind, a colour, fully beaded, heavy and shiny, please let me know and I will create a custom made Tentana for you! Starting at $79 for the fabric model shown in the photo. I’m a mom of a four year old and are originally from The Netherlands. My professional background is from the fashion industry in Amsterdam and Vancouver. The Tentana was born from a desire to create a beautiful environment for my young daughter. I learned sewing from my mother when I was her age. When I maneuver the fabric under the sewing machine needle she loves to control the peddle. We have had many summer days out in the garden creating Tentana’s together. We are ready now to move the studio inside as autumn has arrived. We will be fulfilling your order with love by beeswax candle light. *Please ask me for shipping rates to countries not mentioned*