Wooden Playstands. Classic Waldorf toys from Bella Luna Toys. Made in Maine, USA.

Send a kid's drawing to this company and they send you back a toy. Oh my goodness!!!!

Waldorf Playstands and Canopies from Bella Luna Toys.

$12 Oil Drip Pan from Wally World - instant magnetic (large) surface. For magnetic play, displaying artwork, etc. This would be GREAT for all that magnetic poetry she wants to get her hands on. (Could try spray painting it to make it "pretty".)

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Move the wooden balls through the Labyrinth Wooden Balance Board!

Waldorf Wooden Playstands

Waldorf wooden doll house from Bella Luna Toys, made by Twig Studio. $295.95 #waldorf #waldorftoys

Waldorf playstand canopy Love these simple stands

Fruit & Veggie Rattles made in Germany. Adorable! Organic Waldorf Baby Toys from Bella Luna Toys.

Rainbow Colored Cars and Wooden Toy Bridge made in Germany. From Bella Luna Toys.

Wooden -Waldorf- Kids -Toy-Natural Wood Toy - Waldorf Inspired- Take n Go HOME- Wooden Doll House with Family and Tree

Waldorf playstands

Classic Handmade Waldorf Dress-Up Doll from Bella Luna Toys

Waldorf Wooden Toy Barn!

Wooden Toy Bridge pairs with Grimm's wooden blocks and wooden toy cars. Colorful and imaginative fun! From Bella Luna Toys.

Waldorf Wooden Rocker Board. Best. Toy. Ever.

waldorf toys

Wooden otters by Waldorf Toys

I wish I could have this for my home visits!!!! I love the balance board! I have seen it used in a Pre K setting and the children LOVED it. Play some soothing music and the children just sway back and forth and learn how to balance...it was awesome. #Waldorf #Toys #Kids

Wooden Car