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Classroom B at Branches Atelier in Santa Monica, CA.... just needs some color provocations on the wall but this classroom beautifully exemplifies the Reggio ideal of using "natural materials"

beautiful natural materials in the classroom

Sunrise Waldorf School | Photo Gallery

Really like this classroom, too!

Very cute

Reggio Emilia Classrooms Setup | good classroom should feel like a good place to be, instead of an ...

waldorf classroom

outdoor classroom

They are spaces designed for children to play symbolically, and are surrounded by things that convey naturalness. Children from 3-6 years are going to the same class together and share moments of play, work and while eating. always class in several areas, common meeting where do the stories, songs and finger occur in a good morning run. Then divide the class into two areas. The children who prefer quieter, while playing in the beautiful dollhouse or painting or doing crafts-work.

Cool Classroom


You've got to look at this classroom, when thinking about how you want to set up your classroom!

This barn has been renovated into a "state of the art" facility with early learning spaces Through carefully designed use of natural light, warm colors, attention to flexible spaces, and cozy corners, children are provided with a living-learning environment that is homey-comfortable and at the same time, inspires curiosity and love for play, imagination, and learning.

Austin Green School: The Reggio Emilia approach.

I want this for my classroom.

Block area

Beautiful toddler classroom

I love this classroom environment. The tables allow for collaboration with other student. The bridge in the room promotes exploration and imagination. The bridge can be used for many things. They can build a fort or pretend its a castle. And the overall environment of the classroom is very calming. And the giant windows allow for natural light in the classroom.

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