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This would be a great way for you to do your hair mom!

Adorable! erincape twins

(this could be one of my kids!) sweet little bangs ... and those eyes! :: Fotograaf by Emilie Vercruysse ::

Most people call it bed head. Such a tame nomenclature for something that was more like a tornado of hair. Knots of curls on her left side, a little bit of Shirley Temple in that one spot, and a lone ringlet that kept getting in her eyes, Her eyes betrayed that she still lived in sleepy land and her brain couldn't quite get over the hill into reality yet. I reveled in this moment, knowing in a few minutes, little miss sleepy would be turning her stormy head to the destruction of peace.

she is adorable. is it bad that im jealous of her hair? haha. I wish my parents didnt make me chop my hair off when I was little. lol.



Four children from a hippie commune walking through the woods with their sticks. Photograph by John Olson. Sunny Valley, Oregon, USA, 1969. (Little before my time...but like a snapshot from my childhood :)

Russian kid model Kristina Pimenova #child #beautiful #childmodel #pretty #photography #gorgeous #katieandelman

Cute Little Girl Hairstyles Tumblr ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring babies and children

Little girl hair. I still try to do this with Little Miss C's hair. Love it.

she's probably the most beautiful little red-head I've ever seen. especially if you ignore the bunny ears.