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Millions of people all over the world are without such basic needs as clean drinking water. Check out the faces of children in their village after humanitarian efforts have built a well in their community. It means everything in the world to them! think about it next time you're whining about doing the dishes w/ hot running water ...

Young children, especially infants, affect me in a strong and positive way because they are amused and happy with the smallest things, even if it is just a smile. They are innocent and optimistic which are qualities that should be carried with us as we grow older but somehow most of us loose. This to me is a huge inspiration.

Free Printable Shapes Mats for playing with playdough

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Smiling children

Clean water in Brus Laguna, Honduras, from a charity: water well. Follow us @:!/everydaychild

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Hole Punch Fine Motor Activity

Hole Punch Fine Motor Activity for young kids preschoolers and kindergartners

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