Wooden Dollhouse Furniture from Germany. Wee little potty with a hinged lid!

Grimm's Wooden Dollhouse Rocking Chair, Red.

Wooden Dollhouse Kitchen Furniture

Seri's Wooden Dollhouse made in Maine. Plan Toys Dollhouse Furniture. From Bella Luna Toys.

Small Wooden Dollhouse, handmade in Maine $120.95

Grimm's Rainbow Wooden Toy Cars

Wooden Landscape Puzzle made in Germany. Gorgeous!

vintage dollhouse furniture Set - little wooden chairs, table and ottoman, handmade

Dollhouse Furniture

dollhouse furniture.

Wooden Dollhouse Dining Room Furniture

Wooden Dollhouse Media Room Furniture

Water Waves Wooden Nesting Blocks made in Germany. Such soothing blues!

dollhouse furniture

Stepped Pyramid Wooden Math Blocks - Beautiful wooden blocks made in Germany. Make teaching math colorful and fun! $53.95

Wooden Toy Bridge pairs with Grimm's wooden blocks and wooden toy cars. Colorful and imaginative fun! From Bella Luna Toys.

Wooden Dollhouse Furniture Book Shelf Set

Seri's Wooden Dollhouse. Three spacious floors. Handcrafted in Maine of solid pine finished with natural linseed oil. $219.95

Vintage Tootsie Toy Dollhouse Furniture

{Hi-Rise Wooden Dollhouse and Furniture Set} Fresh, gender-neutral colors and patterns add a lively edge to the natural-wood frame...

Waldorf Wooden Dollhouse from Bella Luna Toys. Beautiful!