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Organic Waldorf Doll with mohair braids made in a small workshop in Germany. Such a sweet face!

"Don't wish today away. Don't waste it. Redeem one hour to be grateful. Let your thanksgiving rise above the din of disappointment - opportunities lost, mistakes made, the clamor of all that has not yet come." ~Sarah Ban Breathnach

There is Poetry in Everything. Setting Sail At Sunrise.

Clouds - variations of white..... This is why I'll fight anyone for the window seat on a flight. Amazing.

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Sailboat under a magnificent cumulonimbus, at the mediterranean, near the Praiano, Italy. Salerno Campania

good morning ^_^

Clouds are the most amazing things..love love love clouds...specially the ones that are sooo low that you can almost touch them...ahhh the beauty...incredible clouds

Mammatus clouds over Nebraska


Crepuscular Rays - One of the most spectacular views we get here on earth is the light show of crepuscular rays. These are sun rays or sunlight that has been scattered by particles in the atmosphere. Most often it is water, dust or smoke. Light is not visible so it takes some form of contaminant in the air to produce the ray effect.

artist creates interior clouds

Mammatus cloud formation appeared after a tornado hit near Lake Ontario, Canada.

{ i n s p i r a r e } Clouds sky purple white blue violet cumulus

My favorite type of snap shots... above all the noise, rain and clouds lays the warmth of the sun and beautiful fluffy clouds

New Zealand clouds at sunset, called undulatus asperatus. STUNNING. <3

Above the clouds, is a place called heaven, which has given a home to 2 of my family

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork.........Psalm 19:1

FREE Cloud Guide~ From time to time, everyone watches the clouds roll by. Now you can use this quick reference to identify (and pronounce) whatever weather comes your way!

Heaven? breathtaking love it | Repinned by @keilonegordon

Because with God, just like that, everything can change. • My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven & earth. ~Psalm 121:2 #MrBowerbird